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Category Archives: DWI


Drunk Driving And Fourth Amendment Rights

By Dysart Willis |

On June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court made an important decision concerning Fourth Amendment protection from search and seizure when it comes to police officers testing blood alcohol content in the enforcement of drunk driving laws. Ultimately, the case posed the question of when the government can order the breathalyzer and/or blood draw test… Read More »

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Are Breathalyzer Tests Accurate?

By Dysart Willis |

When most people think about having to take a “breathalyzer” test, they think of someone being pulled over because the police suspect that they are driving while impaired (DWI) with alcohol. The test administered at the side of the road is just one of the many field sobriety tests at law enforcement’s disposal. A… Read More »

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What to Do After Being Stopped for a DWI

By Dysart Willis |

The sudden flashing of red, white, and blue lights in your rear view mirror can be terrifying. You may know that you have committed some type of traffic infraction, or may be unsure of what the police officer behind you thinks you are doing wrong. Either way, being stopped by the police can be… Read More »

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