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Category Archives: Drug Crimes


North Carolina Legislators Introduce Bill to Decriminalize Medical Marijuana

By Dysart Willis |

While North Carolina legislators have previously discussed legalizing medical marijuana throughout the state, in late March, they took steps towards making this a reality by filing House Bill 401 – the Medical Cannabis Act. The bill protects patients who have debilitating medical conditions from arrest and prosecution by providing them with registry identification cards… Read More »

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Will North Carolina Decriminalize Medical Marijuana Use?

By Dysart Willis |

There is no question that the state of North Carolina is tough on drug crimes. Penalties include multi-year prison sentences and steep fines; even if you are convicted of possessing a small amount of marijuana; and North Carolina does not have a law legalizing the use of medical marijuana. However, all of that may… Read More »

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Congress Passing Criminal Justice Reform Bill Would Permanently Change Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Drug Crimes

By Dysart Willis |

Current legislation that’s been passed by the House and could come before the Senate any day now—known as the “First Step Act”—could finally introduce some fairness into criminal justice reform, especially when it comes to sentencing related to certain drug crimes. In addition to easing sentences for nonviolent crimes, it also calls for a… Read More »

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Feds Conduct Drug Sweeps of North Carolina Tribal Lands

By Dysart Willis |

On September 27, federal and state officers arrested 76 people on drug trafficking charges on western North Carolina tribal land. In an undercover operation that began weeks ago, the officers served arrest warrants on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ reservation and in nearby communities, reportedly seizing 250 pounds of heroin, methamphetamines, and other… Read More »

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