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Monthly Archives: August 2020


Wrongful Convictions, Who They Affect, & Legal Roadblocks Thwarting New Evidence

By Dysart Willis |

The issue of wrongful conviction has long been of concern in North Carolina and at the federal level, and not only disproportionately impacts certain minorities, especially Blacks and Latinos, but in addition, the criminal justice system as a whole is simply not designed to allow for faulty convictions to be overturned, even when the… Read More »

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New Study Proves That A “Persistent Racial Bias” Exists in All Police Traffic Stops & Searches, And This Significantly Affects Drug Stops & Arrests

By Dysart Willis |

In accordance with statistics previously released by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation demonstrating that minority drivers are much more likely to be searched by police officers during traffic stops than white drivers here in North Carolina, a new study published in Nature Human Behaviour has revealed that police decisions to stop and… Read More »

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Appeals Court Rules That Administration’s “Third Country Asylum Rule” Effectively Barring Immigrants from Central America Is Illegal

By Dysart Willis |

In July, a three-judge panel of the US Court of Appeals or the Ninth Circuit struck down the administration’s 2019 Interim Final Rule barring immigrants seeking asylum from entering the US if they failed to first apply for protection from persecution or torture “where it was available in at least one third country outside… Read More »

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US Supreme Court Blocks Administration’s Attempt to Revoke DACA Program, Opening The Door to Applicants

By Dysart Willis |

In a major victory for immigrants, in late June, the US Supreme Court struck down the Trump administration’s revocation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, blocking the administration’s plans to open up the potential deportation of an estimated 700,000 “DREAMers” who have been in the US since they were children, many… Read More »

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