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Monthly Archives: March 2020


North Carolina Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Key Criminal Cases Regarding Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection That Could Affect All Cases Moving Forward

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

In February, arguments in two extremely important criminal cases were made before the North Carolina Supreme Court; cases that involve the question of whether prosecutors illegally excluded black citizens from juries due to their race even though this is barred by federal law. If the defendants are successful, not only will they be granted… Read More »

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The Effect That North Carolina’s Raise the Age Law Has Had

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

We previously discussed North Carolina’s Raise the Age law, which dictates that 16- and 17-year-olds who commit nonviolent crimes are no longer charged as adults and will have greater access to a number of services, including criminal record sealing. The law went into effect in December, and as a result, we have had a… Read More »

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Trump Administration Claims to Target “Birth Tourism” With New Rule Which Actually Impacts B Visitor Visas

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

According to recent reports, the Trump administration plans to unleash a new immigration rule in late January that targets pregnant women visiting from other countries in an effort to prevent foreigners from “taking advantage of the 14th Amendment’s protection of citizenship” for those born in the U.S. While the specific details of the new… Read More »

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Too Many Women Are Incarcerated for Self-Defense

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

According to studies, an estimated 77 percent of female criminal defendants are abuse victims; meaning that many who end up incarcerated were simply acting in self-defense, but were charged and placed in prison anyway. Take, for example, LeToya Ramseure, who was incarcerated after shooting an ex-boyfriend who threatened her because she did not have… Read More »

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