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Monthly Archives: December 2019


Judge Rules That Prosecuting Sixteen-Year-Old as Adult Violates His Constitutional Rights: What This Means for Other Juveniles Accused of Crimes in North Carolina

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

A decision made by a North Carolina judge in late October that charging a 16-year-old as an adult violated both the eighth (cruel and unusual punishment) and 14th (due process) Amendments will have significant repercussions for all juveniles charged in the state. Meanwhile, the state’s “Raise the Age” law goes into effect this December,… Read More »

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Lawsuit Filed Against Order Seeking to Block Visas for Immigrants Who Cannot Afford Health Care Insurance

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

In late October, the Trump administration was sued over its proposal to reject visa applications from immigrants who it determined do not have (and cannot obtain within 30 days of entry) “approved” health care insurance coverage. The proposal was slated to go into effect on November 3, but an injunction to block it was… Read More »

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North Carolina’s Sexual Assault Laws Change, Opening The Door for Prosecutors

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

In November, North Carolina’s sexual assault laws originally providing that an individual could not legally withdraw their consent for sex once that they had already consented and started to engage in the act were changed by the state legislature. Known for many years as the “right to finish” law, prior to the change, the… Read More »

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November Federal Immigration & North Carolina Criminal Justice Update

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

During November, several crucial cases that will have significant impacts on both immigration and criminal defense in North Carolina were argued. Below, we discuss them in greater detail: Will U.S. Supreme Court End The DACA Program? In November, the U.S. Supreme Court reportedly signaled support for President Trump’s proposal to kill the Deferred Action… Read More »

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