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Monthly Archives: April 2019


Newly Proposed Law Would Change Sexual Assault Charges in North Carolina

By Dysart Willis |

According to the Carolina Public Press, less than 25 percent of defendants charged with sexual assault here in North Carolina are actually convicted. In fact, more than 30 percent of all North Carolina counties haven’t had a single conviction in over four years, and for a number of individuals accused of sexual assault, it… Read More »

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North Carolina Legislators Introduce Bill to Decriminalize Medical Marijuana

By Dysart Willis |

While North Carolina legislators have previously discussed legalizing medical marijuana throughout the state, in late March, they took steps towards making this a reality by filing House Bill 401 – the Medical Cannabis Act. The bill protects patients who have debilitating medical conditions from arrest and prosecution by providing them with registry identification cards… Read More »

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Crackdown on Arrests in North Carolina for Immigration-Related Crimes

By Dysart Willis |

A crackdown on prosecuting North Carolina residents for immigration-related crimes has significantly escalated of late, as more than 200 people were arrested in ICE raids across the state in February and federal criminal prosecutions were initiated against others charged with illegally voting in the state. Hundreds Arrested In February ICE Raids across North Carolina… Read More »

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