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Monthly Archives: January 2019


Congress Passing Criminal Justice Reform Bill Would Permanently Change Mandatory Minimum Sentencing for Drug Crimes

By Dysart Willis |

Current legislation that’s been passed by the House and could come before the Senate any day now—known as the “First Step Act”—could finally introduce some fairness into criminal justice reform, especially when it comes to sentencing related to certain drug crimes. In addition to easing sentences for nonviolent crimes, it also calls for a… Read More »

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Department of Homeland Security Expands List of Immigrants Who Could Become Public Charges, Making It More Difficult to Obtain Admission or Permanent Residency

By Dysart Willis |

In mid-December, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued significant proposed changes regarding what qualifies as a “public charge” within immigration rules. In other words, the agency has changed the process by which it determines who is likely to rely on government benefits for support, which will inevitably affect (increase) how many people are… Read More »

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Legislation Expanding Domestic Violence Crimes Signed Into Law

By Dysart Willis |

In late December, legislation broadening what is considered to be a domestic violence crime under the federal criminal code was signed into law in order to increase protections for victims of domestic violence and their pets. The “PAWS” Act not only makes adjustments to key definitions within the federal criminal code, but also establishes… Read More »

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حول القانون الفيدرالي لقيادة السيارة تحت تأثير الكحول

By Dysart Willis |

بالنيابة عن جو هوتشين، قامت شركة المحاماة Dysart Willis (ديزرت ويلز) بالدفاع في قضية قيادة السيارة تحت تأثير الكحول يوم الإثنين الموافق 15 أكتوبر عام 2018. يتوجب على المقيمين في ولاية كارولينا الشمالية ومن يقوم بزيارتها أن يكون على علم ودراية بأنه في بعض الحالات، ستتم معاملة قضايا القيادة تحت تأثير الخمور كجريمة تُمثل… Read More »

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