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Monthly Archives: October 2018


Feds Conduct Drug Sweeps of North Carolina Tribal Lands

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

On September 27, federal and state officers arrested 76 people on drug trafficking charges on western North Carolina tribal land. In an undercover operation that began weeks ago, the officers served arrest warrants on the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians’ reservation and in nearby communities, reportedly seizing 250 pounds of heroin, methamphetamines, and other… Read More »

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What Are The H-1B, L1, And Family Immigration Visas?

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

When it comes to dealing with immigration issues, the number of travel and work visa categories can get very confusing. Below, we discuss some of the different visas and processes available to you and your family: H-1B Work Visas H-1B Work Visas are non-immigrant visas that allow companies to employ foreign workers in “specialty”… Read More »

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Types of Fraud in North Carolina

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

The term “fraud” is tossed around on the news frequently. Most people associate fraud with stealing or otherwise misinforming/withholding information from another to obtain a desired result. Fraud is a complex and difficult area of the law. There are many different actions or offenses that fall under the category of fraud and they each… Read More »

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Search Warrant Needed to Track Cell Phones

By Hauter Law Firm, PC |

Advancements in technology usually outpace law enforcement efforts to use those advancements to further cases and track down suspects. One such advancement and issue is cell phone tracking technology. From the “Find my iPhone” feature of Apple products to third party tracking capabilities to location tracking from cell phone towers, there has been a… Read More »

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