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Monthly Archives: September 2018


North Carolinians Arrested For Immigration & Voting Crimes As We Get Closer To November Elections

By Dysart Willis |

It seems that, every day, we hear news of the current administration blurring the lines between criminal prosecution and immigration policies, and this seems to be ever more apparent as we get closer and closer to the November elections here in North Carolina and throughout the country. For example, recently, more than a dozen… Read More »

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Are Breathalyzer Tests Accurate?

By Dysart Willis |

When most people think about having to take a “breathalyzer” test, they think of someone being pulled over because the police suspect that they are driving while impaired (DWI) with alcohol. The test administered at the side of the road is just one of the many field sobriety tests at law enforcement’s disposal. A… Read More »

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Sponsoring a Spouse for United States Citizenship

By Dysart Willis |

Many people have heard the stories of people immigrating to the United States in pursuit of the “American Dream.” People immigrate to the U.S. in hopes of starting a new life or to better themselves and live a different life than in their previous home. Dreaming of coming to the U.S. and actually becoming… Read More »

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Getting a U-Visa in North Carolina

By Dysart Willis |

Victims of any type of crime deserve justice and adequate representation to make sure that the offender is held responsible for their actions. Not every crime is reported, though, and therefore not every criminal is charged with a crime. There are any number of reasons that a victim might not choose to come forward… Read More »

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